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Dry Film Lubricants

Dry film lubricant (DFL) coatings of Boron Nitride and Super Enhanced Graphite (SEG) were developed by ZYP Coatings, Inc. in order to provide ready-to-use aerosol formulations that give superior performance in lubrication.

A dry film lubricant is a fine-particle mixture of a lubricating material and binders. With our aerosol-can formulations, after merely spraying onto a surface and drying (which takes only a minute or so), the lubricant is attached to the surface and reduces friction while increasing wear-lifetime -- operating from low-temperature up to very-high temperatures [cryogenic up to 1000 C].

Thicknesses applied vary from less than a mil [<0.001 inch] upward.  The aerosol dry-film lubricants bond to most any substrate -- metals, ceramics, glasses, plastics:  

  • Stop galling/cold-welding/binding of metal surfaces
  • Adhere to surfaces that liquids/greases etc. cannot be used
  • Reduce friction and ease sliding motion when two surfaces contact each other
  • Prevent problems with dirt, dust, and other things that stick to liquids/greases
  • Are clean and easy-to-use
  • Applicable at temperatures where liquids/greases are not possible to use, such as very-low temperatures (cryogenic) and temperatures over a few-hundred degrees Centigrade
  • Have no issues with 'flashing' or burning after they are applied and dried.
The BN-Aerosol and SEG Aerosol cans are available for general utility, and .. for larger-scale-use, the formulations are available in 'bulk' paint form that is brushable, dippable, or air-sprayable.

BN Aerosol
BN Aerosol (also known as "White Graphite") is an ultra-high-purity Boron Nitride based, fast-dryng aerosol spray with excellent high-temperature lubrication, usable to 1000 C (or 1800 F) in air and 1400 C (or 2550 F) in vacuum.

Unlike graphite, Boron Nitride has excellent electrical insulation and retains lubricity even in vacuum environments. Boron Nitride exhibits excellent thermal conductivity, resistance to molten metals, glasses and salts; and is ideal with ceramic hot-pressing.

 Also available in bulk, concentrated form as BN Aerosol Brushable Paint

SEG Aerosol
SEG (Super Enhanced Graphite) Aerosol is a superior enhanced graphite dry film aerosol spray that improves graphite’s performance as a high-temperature, anti-stick release agent/lubricant - FAR SUPERIOR to graphite alone.  Super Enhanced Graphite, SEG, offers excellent lubrication and release while also exhibiting excellent thermal conductivity. SEG provides great adherence to most all surfaces and is fast drying. Unlike graphite alone, SEG will not lose performance in vacuum environments. SEG contains no silicones nor moly disulfides.

Also available in bulk, concentrated form as SEG Aerosol Brushable Paint

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